Koi Palace

1 koi palace.png

Address: 365 Gellert Blvd, Daly City, CA 94015

Ahhh…Koi Palace. This place always live up to its hype even when I was little. This place was the place to go when our family have something to celebrate. Holidays, birthdays, etc. So instead of your regular ‘yum cha’ spot, you go to Koi Palace that is a little more classier lol (this was my experience growing up as an ABC in the bay area so not sure about what your experience was with this place, but comment below and let me know =]). It’s a hate and love relationship for me. I love the food here but I think most of the stir fried stuff (that has no seafood) is waaay overpriced. I don’t normally complain about the price, I think it’s only this place but $16 just for a plate of choi sum..’sigh’. Don’t get me wrong, the food is very delicious, hence the long ass line. Highly recommended for both dim sum and dinner service.


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