Pagan Restaurant


Address: 3199 Clement St, San Francisco, CA 94121

Thai and Burmese food. Before, this place, I didn’t even knew Burma existed! lol Anyways, the food was really good. Not to greasy or anything, just very light. You actually feel good about yourself after you eat it. Service was awesome. The chef happen have misplace our ticket (30 mins after placing the order) so it took about an hour to get our food out. BUT I said service was awesome is because the waitress follow up with the chef, without us reminding her, and then actually came out and told us the truth and made sure we get our food asap. My sister and I wasn’t in a hurry, so we told her that it’s fine and that we were not in a rush. It was worth the wait.

I can give you a huge tip that I learn from eating out so much/being a waitress myself, (you don’t have to agree with out/take it) never rush them. You can still follow up if it is taking a while but do not rush them/lash out your anger at them. When you rush them, they will give out crappy food. Since you already waited for a while, you might as well wait a little bit more (unless you are in a hurry, but you shouldn’t be eating out anyways) Since it’s been a while, a good waitress WILL let the chef know to cook your stuff first. (If she is a crappy waitress, then by all mean lash out your anger and make her feel bad for being a useless waitress)


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