Address: 3141 Clement St, San Francisco, CA 94121

The picture is from the original Akiba that opened. I loved this place! The interior reminded me of Akihabara, with all the animes and the waitresses were in Maid outfits. I can’t say it is a Maid Cafe because it wasn’t. If you do not know what Maid Cafe is, it is very popular in Japan. The waitresses are in maid outfits AND treat you like you are their master, like a master, not a customer lol. So yea. This was the first place that I had a honey toast box and it was delicious! Never knew honey and toast was so delicious lol and they you add ice cream…OMG. Unfortunately, rumor has it (I live around the neighborhood and my parents’ restaurant and nearby), that the maid outfits was disturbing so they had to get rid of it (Let me know if you heard differently)..They closed the place for a while (I was sad because I really liked this place and theme (ANIME! yes, if you have not figure out already..I am an Otaku \^.^/)…there is no place like this..not even in Japantown…you know..they should really just move there lol so no one would complain) Now they are open again and now you can do Karaoke too.



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