Prime Rib Shabu (Closed)


Address: 308 5th Ave, San Francisco, CA 94118

Another all you can eat shabu place that was open for a couple of years during the shabu shabu hype. The meat was really good especially the prime rib. Dipping sauce was more of a Chinese hot pot style, where you can like green onions, etc, where usually shabu shabu only provide you two different kind of sauce, sometimes 3 and you just dip it like that. Sadly, it closed now and is replaced (with another hype cuisine, Cajun) called Cajun House. (Probably having prime rib as an all you can eat was not such a good idea.)

Side thought: I like how people on dislike/hate on shabu places that are ‘like’ Chinese hot pot which it is probably due to the place being owned by a Chinese/ Chinese American person. If it was a legit Japanese Shabu place, there will be no all you can eat and it will probably be as expensive as fuck. So don’t go to an all you can eat place and expect it to be a legit Japanese shabu because 99% of the time, it is probably owned by a Chinese/Chinese American person.

(I will post a Shabu restaurant in Japan in my later post, so continue visiting my blog, thanks!)



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