Tonight Soju Bar


Address: 733 Taraval St, San Francisco, CA 94116

One of my top 3 places to go hang out and drink some soju. Of course there are a lot more places that serves soju cocktail now but this place is one of the originals. The soju cocktail comes in a teapot and if you get the watermelon flavor, it comes in a watermelon! (Same thing for pineapples! It comes in a pineapple!) PLEASE tell the waitress/waiter how you like your soju cocktail (if you are picky), PLEASE. People always complaining how either its too sweet or too much soju…EVERYONE’s taste bud is different so if you do not tell them, they will just make how they usually does! And this is not just for this place, but any place that serves soju cocktails or any cocktails. Huge portion and awesome snack choices. Highly recommend this place if you want to hang or have a party. Not to mention this place opens until 2am (Thurs-Sat) and 12am (Sun, Tues-Wed), Closed on Mondays.


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