Mister Jiu’s


Address: 28 Waverly Pl, San Francisco, CA 94108

FYI for new readers, I do not usually rant about restaurant cause I know I am NOT a professionally food critic so just wanted you to know.

[Man, I really, really wanted to love this place. I tried telling my boyfriend and sister (whom I went with) was pretty good but they looked at me like, you serious? Then I tried reading Yelp reviews (which were awesome reviews) to try and change my mind, but ‘sigh’ I probably have to go a second time in order for me to really cross it off my list.]

This is the new style of Chinese cuisine owned by a young Chinese American chef (in my generation) located in Chinatown, SF (where I grew up). They only have one option banquet/tasting menu when I was there ($88 per person) but items on there didn’t included the duck, which I wanted lol so I ordered entrees instead. The small bites and the soup was good and had a unique taste, nothing really to say about it. Then the entrees came, after tasting it, I was VERY disappointed with the duck ($60 for less than half a duck) and roasted quail. I was like (seriously) ‘are you fucking kidding me.’ I mean they got a Michelin Star after opening for 6 months! (They probably rushed it? Cause apparently they forgot about it or the waiter didn’t put it the orders, etc. But we still waited like 45 minutes for it AND I told the waiter to TAKE THEIR TIME lol cause I didn’t want them to rush it) Anyways, the duck’s meat was good, not greasy at all, but the skin was kind of hard and rough which, I think, is a huge no-no when the dish is served as a ‘Peking duck’ (look up the pic on google) The wrap was, I don’t even know how to describe it, it was like a thin, dry, tasteless flour pancake. And then the roasted quail which was stuffed with sticky rice. OMFG, it was way too salty and I like things on the salty side. It was like I was eating the sauce. ‘sigh’

Please comment below if you have been to Mister’s Jiu thanks!



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