Ganko (Osaka, Japan)


The first picture was for dinner. It was the first night and it was close to 10pm and no where else was open (underground market). Ganko was the open place nearby that was open.  We just got the prettiest set that was on the menu lol. Everyone wanted sashimi so it was a win-win. The sashimi was very good. The nigiri was kinda standard, not surprised lol. But my friends were a little surprised that wasabi was inside the nigiri already (which is how it is supposed to be). It was funny to watch because they were already dipping soy sauce with wasabi in it, double dose. AHAHAHA

ganko1ganko2The second and third picture was for lunch. The tour group that we were in brought us there. ‘sigh’ if we had known, I would NOT have gone the night before for dinner. ‘sigh’ again. But the lunch set was very pretty (it was already picked out for you) as you can see. AND no that is NOT prosciutto lol it is raw pork for the ‘shabu shabu‘ (the boiling water is on the right, under the nigiri. You see it? Ok.) It was great. You had sashimi, nigiri, shabu shabu, small bites, dessert and then at the end, they gave out tenpura and miso soup. Yeah, they gave it out toward the end of the meal lol I thought that was pretty interesting since in US, those are the first thing that goes out.


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