Yakisoba pan (Yakisoba bread) (Ebisu Station, Japan) 

yakisoba pan

I know, this is not a restaurant >> It is to all the Manga/Anime otaku/fans (yes, I am one) that is reading this blog. If you do not know what it is, please read/watch an anime involving the everyday life of high school kids. Majority of the time, you WILL see at least one scene where they are fighting for one in a cafeteria lol. Seriously, thank god I was there early to get one. There were like 5 went I was there and then when I went back 30 minutes later to show my friend where I got it, it was gone. It was at a convenient store! (FYI, the milk tea in the back is my favorite milk tea brand ^^ especially their Royal Milk Tea, which is not sold in SF anymore =[ If I am wrong/you know where to buy one in SF, PLEASE LET ME KNOW PLEASE!!!!!!!)


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