Sukiyabashi Jiro Roppongi, (Roppongi, Japan) 

shibayashi jiro roppongishibayashi jiro roppongi1shibayashi jiro roppongi2shibayashi jiro roppongi3shibayashi jiro roppongi4shibayashi jiro roppongi5

The closest I got to Jiro Ono’s sushi so far. Last year was Sushi Nakasawa, one of Jiro’s apprentice. (watch ‘Jiro’s Dreams of Sushi’ and you will know what I am talking about) This year (2016) was his second son, Takashi. Maybe (maybe not) next year will be the real deal =O.  I was a little scared that it might be overrated but it was SO FREAKIN GOOD. The rice was a little too vinegary for me but the fish, OMFG. If you think it is overrated, go and try it.

They noticed that I was left handed so they switched the angle so I can easily grab the sushi (notice the first pic and the rest of the pic lol) So cool! The ambiance itself was a little intense. To the customer he was joking (his apprentice was translating a little and he speaks Mandarin) but to his two apprentices, he was scolding them every few minutes. Then at the end, he and one of the apprentice went to the kitchen and Takashi was scolding hella loud and there were hitting noises. The other apprentice (translator) was just cleaning the counter and smiling at us. And then after all that, Takashi came out smiling and took a picture with us. Yea…kinda weird…@.@


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