Sushi Nakazawa (NYC) 


**If you do not know who is Nakazawa, please watch ‘Jiro: Dreams of Sushi’. You will learn a lot about sushi. Must watch for all sushi lovers and foodies. Just in case you don’t want to watch it, just know Nakazawa an apprentice to Jiro (a sushi [grand] master that spent his whole life dedicated to mastering sushi, he is now in his 90’s and have not retired yet)

Not going to lie, it is expensive but it was totally worth it. I was so glad it was not overrated. The waitress starts out by introducing the condiments to you and then the courses start to come out. Everything was so freaken delicious. By far the best sushi I have eaten so far. (I wish the lighting was a little better so I can capture the colors) This was definitely the highlight of my New York trip.



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