Sushi Nakazawa (NYC) 


**If you do not know who is Nakazawa, please watch ‘Jiro: Dreams of Sushi’. You will learn a lot about sushi. Must watch for all sushi lovers and foodies. Just in case you don’t want to watch it, just know Nakazawa an apprentice to Jiro (a sushi [grand] master that spent his whole life dedicated to mastering sushi, he is now in his 90’s and have not retired yet)

Not going to lie, it is expensive but it was totally worth it. I was so glad it was not overrated. The waitress starts out by introducing the condiments to you and then the courses start to come out. Everything was so freaken delicious. By far the best sushi I have eaten so far. (I wish the lighting was a little better so I can capture the colors) This was definitely the highlight of my New York trip.



Momofuku Noodle Bar (NYC) 


Long ass line for both this place and especially the Milk bar (dessert/boba a few stores down) if we had more time, we would have lined up the milk bar but it was just crazy long…next time. Anyways it was a little disappointing, it was not as good as I thought it would be.  The noodles was really good though but everything else was just ok. The soy sauce egg was extremely salty, like I was just eating salt (and I love salty). I probably over hyped this place…



This place is owned by JYP (the godfather of KPOP, look him up on google if you want to know). Probably the most ‘fine dining/upscale’ looking Korean BBQ I have been to so far lol. From the interior to the selection of meats seem ‘high class’. Do you see the grill? Looked like freaken marble (maybe it is o.O). I’m pretty sure you already figure it out that it is not all you can eat lol. With the quality of meat, I would say it was worth it. PLUS a hot Korean waiter (he had a slight accent) that seem like he could be a KPOP star serving, cooking and cutting you meat is a plus too hahaha.

Caffebene (NYC) 


Why is this chain not in SF?! It feels like one of Korea’s café (I looked it up and it was a Korean coffee chain!! lol) I loved everything about it >.<. The waffles were awesome. The workers were in cute uniform. Maybe in the future they will expand to LA and then SF =]

Red Hook Lobster Pound (NYC) 


When in New York, got to have the lobster. Okay..I know, a food stand does not really represent eating lobster in New York, but other places were packed! And we were short on time (we underestimate the traffic in NY, crazy!) and it was a spur of the moment to get some lol. It tasted good but I will probably go to a legit restaurant next time.

Ten Ren’s Tea Time (NYC) 


I think me and my sister had a brain fart. We thought this place was only in NY so we brought some expensive tea leave as a souvenir for my dad. ‘sigh’ Later we found out that the tea place in SF’s Chinatown was the original Ten Ren (we pass by it all the time when we are at Chinatown but never really look at the name) Anyways, the milk tea was very good. They better, since they are a legit tea house and all. Boba for life!